As parents and expats living in the Middle East, we have the opportunity to learn about different cultures and languages.

It is a privilege to be able to teach our children a 2nd or 3rd language.

The Children’s Garden is one of the very few Pre-Primary Schools in Dubai that teaches a second language from Pre-KG.

The brain grows phenomenally in the first years of life. Learning occurs from every experience, involving all the senses and the richer the experiences, the deeper will be the learning.

TCG will offer your child a complete immersion in the language that you have chosen.

We offer French, German and English in a weekly programme that will help your child learn to play, count, socialize and have fun in the language you choose.

We offer 3 full days a week in the homeroom language and 2 full days in the second language, as per the below choices. Arabic will always be taught all through the year as a third language.

Our top priority is always on ensuring the best possible outcomes for children. We pay particular attention to developing children’s language using conversation and story- telling to enable children to articulate and create meaning from their experiences.
You will see, hear and feel our languages being used to communicate in every corner of our school.

We nurture their independence and self -confidence by making sure that they can readily access resources.

We provide visual aids to help children who cannot yet read through photo labelling and visual timetables so they can follow daily routines. We offer stimulating resources, relevant to all the children’s cultures and communities.

Above all, we make time to talk to children and listen to what they have to say, we value their opinions, thoughts, feelings and desires. We understand that shared conversations are among the most powerful interactions adults can have with children, especially when they are talking about their own ideas and interests.


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