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Essential Skills

Physical education provides wonderful opportunities for children to develop their physical fitness, confidence, control and coordination. The activities are carefully designed to engage children and encourage them to “have a go”, and try things that they can’t quite do yet.

Adults support children by talking about how everyone get better at things through effort and practice, and what they can learn when things go wrong. 

Children are encouraged to be proud of what they accomplish and to aim high.  The respect adults show for children’s efforts and ideas helps children feel safe to take a risk and try out new ideas.

The literacy framework develops children’s early reading and writing skills y, so that they learn to read, write and understand simple sentences which can be read by themselves and others.

Enthusiasm for reading and talking about reading encourages a love of books so that children read for pleasure and information.

The mathematics framework encourages children to develop an interest and curiosity in numbers, shape and measure from their everyday experiences.

Through careful guidance and imaginative resources, children deepen their understanding through age-appropriate activities. They use mathematical language increasingly in their role play as, for example, they discuss how many places they need to set at a table for their friends or why more blocks can be fitted into a square box.

They become increasingly confident in trying different approaches to solving mathematical problems. They use counting to help them solve problems that are important to them like sharing a sandwich equally with friends.


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