Every child is full of promise and ideas and our Early Years Programme encourages them to play and explore, to discover and grow, to persevere, learn and understand in an environment full of language, communication and creativity.

Everything we do starts with the child and we use the environment to stimulate their imagination, curiosity and sense of wonder.

Creative ideas take time to develop and flow and children need time to experiment and play and, through trial and error, initiate and express their own ideas and to finish working through these. Children represent their own ideas, thoughts and feelings through design and technology, art, music, dance, role- play and stories.

Art emphasises the process and the result of exploring and experimenting with materials, and is fundamental part of a child’s learning process.

Creative development is essential. The world is full of beauty and wonder, which enriches lives and personalities. Creative art is included in all areas of our curriculum: Science, Language, Music, Arabic, Social Skills, Motor Skills and Mathematics.  

Art is concentrated worldly wisdom. That means: art reports, tells you something, documents.

It builds laws and structures; it is an instrument to experience the world; it enhances the ability to form dialogue and to offer constructive criticism. Art is wonderful; it educates through the experience of beauty. Art stimulates, sharpens the senses and helps to develop an idea of form, design and aesthetics.

What really matters is the effort and the ideas that have gone into the drawings or models as children experiment with different media and materials or acting out their stories or expressing their ideas and feelings through music, painting, modelling, clay, and collage 

Creative experiences are full of opportunities for children to talk and develop language and for adults to listen to them, to take time to look at what children have created, and then display it.  It is through these experiences that children recreate their world and make sense of their own ideas.


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