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Being a parent is very special and all parents want the very best for their child. Parents are children’s first educators and we work closely together with our parents to learn as much as possible about their child’s needs and interests so that there is a smooth transition from home to school. We keep our parents well informed about how their child is developing and learning. We also help them understand what to expect in their child’s development during these vitally important early years in school. At The Children’s Garden parents are welcomed, valued and respected as part of our learning community.

We encourage children to make their own choices and decisions, and to find their individual passions and talents. We create a rich and varied environment which supports children’s learning and development. It also gives them confidence to explore and learn in a secure and safe, yet challenging indoor and outdoor learning space.

Our Early Years Framework encourages a love of learning, promotes success and develops in each child the skills for life-long learning and personal growth. These include diligence, persistence, resilience, concentration, attentiveness, determination, independence and problem solving. The development of key personal attributes such as respect, thoughtfulness and adaptability helps prepare children for transitions within the early years classes and getting them ready for the primary phase.

The Early Years Framework encapsulates the ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’ in best international practice. These are the building blocks for skills in innovation – a crucial part of the UAE National Agenda:
  • A deep understanding of child development from birth to five years, informed by research into brain development and based on the belief in a competent child, full of promise
  • A secure, supportive and stimulating environment where children have the time to learn through play and explore materials so that they can develop their own ideas
  • Skilled and committed staff who have the highest expectations of every child
  • Strong partnerships with parents
  • Frequent observations of each child to assess progress, identify needs and to plan the next steps for learning
  • Careful planning, which supports the highest outcomes for children and responds to their spontaneous ideas
  • Provision that ensures that children have ready access to quality resources and materials to pursue their individual interests, exercise choice and develop independence
  • Valuing children’s achievements by collecting and annotating what they produce or taking photographs of these
  • Periodic age-appropriate assessments of each child, which provide a summary of the child’s achievements at a particular point in time so that their progress can be monitored and used to plan the next steps of their learning
Outdoor Learning
Outdoor learning offers challenging and accessible learning opportunities including those that promote and encourage thinking, feeling, doing, being and enjoying. Using the outdoors is almost always about language. Children use language to express their thinking and to communicate actively what they are doing. Outdoor spaces are environments where young children learn about the world around them including nature and the seasons. We ensure places are safe and secure, offer challenge, and promote exploration investigation, fun and adventure.

This area of the Early Years Framework permeates every aspect of school life. Through the subject matter and the way it is taught, children learn to respect themselves and others. It builds their self-confidence and self-awareness, and helps them manage their feelings and behaviour so that they make strong and respectful relationships with others. They learn empathy and tolerance of others. They being to develop a sense of personal responsibility and to regulate their own behaviour.

They develop and understanding of Islamic values and awareness of Emirati and world cultures. Young children of every cultural or ethnic background need to develop a secure and positive sense of their own identity. It also ensures that children see themselves and their family reflected in play resources, visual images and books.

Communication and Language Framework
The communication and language framework is vital in helping children develop into good communicators and keen readers. Children enjoy varied practical experiences and gain rapid confidence and fluency through reading and telling stories, role-play, songs and discussion that encourage them to ask and respond to questions. Stimulating displays remind children of what they have experienced, using objects, artefacts, photographs and books.

The language framework celebrates the many benefits of learning both, English and Arabic. The ability to think and speak in a second language requires children to be confident and articulate in their first language. Through learning both, English and Arabic children have opportunities to strengthen their skills and confidence in using their first language while learning the second language. This contributes to their overall cognitive development and mental flexibility. In turn, it also helps improve their self-esteem as learners and individuals. Crucially important, it enables all children to celebrate Arabic culture and heritage.


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