FAQs Re-Registration

How much are the Re-registration fees?
In accordance with KHDA fees framework, private schools in Dubai can charge up to 10% of the annual tuition fees as a non-refundable Re-registration deposit to secure a place for existing students in the new academic year. We request a nominal fee of AED 2,000 for Re-registration.
What happens if I do not re-register my child by 2nd May 2019?
What happens if we have to move out of Dubai?
What happens if school fees increase and I cannot afford them?
I am in arrears with my school fees from last year, what should I do?
I have indicated that I will not be re-registering my child(ren), how do I obtain my leaving documents?
I have had challenges providing the documents asked for by the school to complete the KHDA registration process. What should I do?
What happens if my child needs extra Language/Learning Support in addition to that normally provided by the school?


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