• 'Imagination is more important than knowledge’ A. Einstein

  • ‘ The earth has music for those who listen’ Shakespeare

  • ‘Play is the highest form of research’ A. Einstein

About Us

Dear Parents,

I really am thrilled to welcome you not just to The Children's Garden (TCG), but to a whole new concept in Early Childhood Education. As the first truly multilingual Pre-school in Dubai, when TCG opened its doors back in 2005 we had a reputation to build from scratch, despite the fact that media attention was already beginning to zero in on the fantastic advantages offered by multilingual education.

With a concept built on an in-depth understanding of these advantages, what we’re offering is the ICLCA, a totally innovative curriculum designed to lay the strongest possible foundations on which your little ones will build the rest of their lives. Absolutely everything we do, from our emphasis on languages and creativity to our tailor-made music and movement programme, supports the different stages of a young child’s brain development. And we’re also constantly tweaking our curriculum to accommodate all the latest thinking in Early Childhood Education methodologies. This is how we ensure that our entire programme is truly age-appropriate, and therefore wonderfully stimulating and exciting for your children.

Now having completed our ninth year, it gives me incredible pleasure and immeasurable pride to look at TCG leavers as they move on to their next schools as happy, confident children armed with bursting imaginations and remarkable creativity as well as a real appreciation of different cultures and at least two languages tucked under their belts. And this is largely thanks to the unique spirit that courses through the magical and stimulating environment they’ve helped create at TCG.

So as they move on to the next phase, we’re keeping an eye on the phase after that, and the one after that… We’re living in an era where creativity is king; the 21st Century needs creative types, and research has shown that multilingual people display a real advantage over monoglots, consistently solving problems faster, communicating more effectively, managing people better and even living longer (!) – all because their brains are constantly active, more ‘alive’.

It’s this zest for life and pioneering passion on which TCG is founded. We understand how early exposure to multilingual and creative stimuli – experiences that really capture a child’s imagination and interest – will influence the learning process and colour that child's future more comprehensively than most people yet realise. Here to tap the remarkable potential of children from two years old, TCG is both unique and ahead of its time. This type of multilingual programme is best suited to children who can stay with us for the long term, as it takes a minimum of two years to become stable in their two major languages of instruction. Three years is even better, as after this level of exposure to the dual language programme, children will be fluent.



Backed by a fabulous team of staff and a custom-built school, we’re able to offer your children a really exceptional learning environment. We encourage the development of the children's self-esteem, their confidence in themselves and their own abilities, and the independence that will enable them to unfurl their imaginations and learn from successes and mistakes alike. Happy children will be happy learners, which means we put your children firmly at the heart of everything we do. As individuals, we believe in their uniqueness and value their particular strengths and creative abilities. As a group, their happiness is the driving force behind the warm and lively atmosphere that characterises our learning environment, and it is for them that we have designed our facilities in the Green Community and also in Jumeira with our sights firmly set on further expansion.


The children I have worked with in my 20 years as an educator have taught me one very important lesson: childhood should be a journey, not a race. Enrolling your children at The Children's Garden TCG means sending them on a voyage of discovery - and I would be delighted to meet you to discuss how exciting, absorbing and inspiring they will find it.

Best wishes,


Birgit A. Ertl
Founder and Director
The Children's Garden

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